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Universal 96-well  silica-based nucleic acids isolation kit

Product Summary

· New: Full flexibility for your personal isolation procedure: use home-made buffers or commercial one

· Centrifuge and/or vacuum compatibility

· New: No virulent material in elute—new industrial standard: send your DNA or RNA or plasmid safe via mail to other institutions

· New features: application of penetrable aluminum foil secure best fit between silica and collection plates and additionally minimize cross-talk among 96 wells 

· Optimized set of buffers

· Strict quality control

· Faster then QIAGEN

· Cheaper then AxyGen

Price: 62.98$CA+shipping

SKU/Item Number: 13113

New standards in nucleic acid isolation  - more economical then ever before

Waste collection plate (2 mL)                                                                                                           Elute collection plate (750 ul)


This kit format contains  components of general kit,  listed before, plus UNIVERSAL lysis buffer, optimized and adopted for hard_to_lyse samples. Unique combination of high activity lysosymes and spectrum of chemicals blocking PCR inhibitors is guarantee of successful NA-isolation procedure even for the most difficult samples.

Our UNIVERSAL lysis buffer is used upstream from  the set of general  buffers and it is designed to induce lysis of the most difficult samples, including Gram positive bacteria and  carbohydrate-rich  material from plants. It is also neutralizing inhibitory effect of humic acid, polysacharides, phenolic compounds and  other contaminated materials, like for example, stool and / or soil samples. Simple and short version of manual  is provided .