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Silica-Based Micro - Spin Columns

The principle of our spin columns is that silica membrane binds DNA or RNA  reversibly, under certain optimal conditions, allowing proteins and other contaminants to be removed. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with deionised water or low salt buffer.  The DNA-RNA spin columns  can be used for Plasmid DNA Purification, PCR Products/Agarose Gel Extraction and Genomic DNA Purification. For example, columns  can bind up to 40μg of DNA.

Product Summary

· New: Full flexibility for your personal isolation procedure: use home-made buffers or commercial one

· Centrifuge and/or vacuum compatibility

· Free colored elution buffer, which  will facilitate visualization of sample handling


13110A: 1.00$CA  per column

13110B: 2.8$CA per column

All disposable “hardware” you need for safe  genomic DNA, RNA or plasmid isolation using silica-based method. Standard lysis, binding, washing and elution buffers are optionally supplied in this form of the kit (for this option choose 13110B item). Silica membrane is characterized by 20-50 mg DNA binding capacity,  while volume capacity is 400 mL. If higher volumes are required (diluted samples), repetitive spinning over same membrane is recommended.  The 1.5 and 2 mL collection tubes are supplied free of charge, if requested. We will provide any format you request, together with  simple manual and guarantee of excellent performance (professional troubleshooting or $ back if procedure is not applicable to your system).

SKU/Item Number: 13110A and 13110B

(1) silica-Based Micro-Spin Columns


New standards in nucleic acid isolation  - more economical then ever before