ExD Inc.

From scientist to scientist

ExD is specialized in the production and distribution of  Genomic and Proteomic-related laboratory supplies and kits

Universal Genomic DNA purification: faster and cheaper then ever


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Silicon Rubber Seals round well and aluminum self-adhesive foils



Standard  96 well PCR plate

(see variety of other forms )

flexible and easily cut by scissors,

fitting all standard 96 well PCR instruments

only 1.4$ per plate

half-price you are paying elsewhere

“no brand-logo name”

 preserving  quality of your favourites

Tested  and validated in clinical setting

private and public Canadian molecular diagnostics labs






Universal Filter tips of 1-10-200 mL

sterile (gamma irradiation),

DNAse-, RNase-, Pyrogen free

 only 3.6$ per 96well box

For orders bigger then 1000$,

free  micro-pipette  of your choice ( “Gilson” equivalent value of 380$)

Accuracy extra-validated by Canadian-USA standards

Suitable for cell culture, PCR experiments, or demanding diagnostic procedures

Guarantee certified sterility