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(1) silica-based spin columns

The principle of our spin columns is that silica membrane binds DNA or RNA  reversibly, under certain optimal conditions, allowing proteins and other contaminants to be removed. Nucleic acids are easily eluted with deionised water or low salt buffer.  The DNA-RNA spin columns  can be used for Plasmid DNA Purification, PCR Products/Agarose Gel Extraction and Genomic DNA Purification. For example, columns  can bind up to 40μg of DNA.



Price: 62.98$CA+shipping

SKU/Item Number: 13113

Universal Genomic DNA 1x96 well Glass Fibber Plate DNA Extraction (with optimized universal lysis buffer). Lysis buffer is adopted for hard to lyse gram-positive bacteria and tissues reach in carbohydrates. It contains potent lysosymes and substances (polyvinylpyrolidone-like), which are  neutralizing effect of humic acid, polysaccharides, phenolic compounds and its derivatives and it is ideal for environmental and stool samples.

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Nucleic acid  isolation kits: spin-tubes and 96-well formats

Price: 48.76$CA+shipping

SKU/Item Number: 13111

Genomic DNA 1x96 well Glass Fibber Plate Extraction set with waste collection plate and sample plate. Flexibility you might want for different silica - based DNA isolation procedures using user-made buffers.

Price: 58.76$CA+shipping

SKU/Item Number: 13112

This kit format offers you optimised lysis & binding, washing and elution buffers for majority of tissues/samples. Excellent performance for blood, bodily fluids, mouse tails, swabs, cells, tissues, gram positive bacteria, yeast, est.

Silica plate is sitting over collection plate. Yellow region present aluminium foil.  User is advised to seal aluminum adherent foil and place silicone 96 well plate cover over it and push strongly  down to perforate  foil. This will create perfect fit between pipes of the upper plate and wells of the collection plate down, preventing cross-talk between wells during filtration.

SKU/Item Number: 13110

Price: 1$  per column + buffers