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96-well nucleic acid isolation hardware

96 well  silica plate (GF 3 mm) and 0.2 mm PTFT filter (1mL), sealed with aluminum self-sealed foil, attached to squared 96 deep-well waste collection tube (2mL) via aluminum barrier.  Additional aluminum sealed collection tube (750 mL) is provided for tight fit during elution step.

Product Summary

· New: Full flexibility for your personal isolation procedure: use home-made buffers or commercial one

· Centrifuge and/or vacuum compatibility

· New: No virulent material in elute—new industrial standard: send your DNA or RNA or plasmid safe via mail to other institutions

· New features: application of penetrable aluminum foil secures best fit between silica and collection plates and additionally minimizes cross-talk among 96 wells 

Price: 48.76$CA +shipping

All disposable hardware you need for safe  genomic DNA, RNA or plasmid isolation using silica-based method. Standard lysis, binding, washing and elution buffers are not supplied in this form of the kit (for this feature look at our UNIVERSAL kit). Either commercial or home-made protocol are listed in our Manuals section. Silica membrane is characterized by 20-50 mg DNA binding capacity . Our second  0.2 mm PTFT membrane guarantees safe operations with your elute: no transfer of viable spores of viral particles  due to “sterilization by filtration procedure”.

Perfect fit aluminum sealing and special pipe-like extensions of our silica plate are guarantee of minimal cross-talk among wells: ideal for downstream PCR diagnostics-detection procedures.


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New standards in nucleic acid isolation  - more economical then ever before

Waste collection plate (2 mL)                                                                                                           Elute collection plate (750 ul)