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1)              Where I can find cheap but reliable vacuum holder?

Good for majority of institutional vacuums. No need for specific negative pressure. Waste collection inside chamber box made from cover of tips rack. Washable by bleach to prevent carry-over DNA contaminations.  Can be UV-irradiated

This setting is allowing simultaneous processing of 4 x 96 well plates, with full DNA isolation procedure requiring 60-90 minutes

Here is a short set of publications and web sites which will guide you for optimizing your nucleic acids isolation-purification buffers from different samples. Not only that this will make your work independent from commercial suppliers, but you will be able to further optimize these fast evolving procedures. Please, send us your experience, we will reward the most simple and efficient  procedures and, make, with you as an author, on line web publication,  promoting your method.

Vacuum holder/minifold


! For experience users !

choose best buffers for your samples

Typical rack holder of  Avanti JS-5.3 Rotor (4x96)


2) Which centrifuge I can use and under which conditions?

We have tested Beckman Coulter Avanti Centrifuge showing excellent performance in the clinical setting with high flexibility. Any deep well 96 well plate rotor will perform well, including Sigma Centrifuge 4-15, 4K15, 6-10 or 6K10, Plate rotor 2x96.