ExD Inc.

From scientist to scientist

ExD is specialized in the production and distribution of  Genomic and Proteomic-related laboratory supplies and kits

Universal Genomic DNA purification: faster and cheaper then ever


ExD Inc is  specialized start-up company offering Universal 96 well plate DNA isolation kits for research, development  and molecular diagnostics. We can guarantee the most competitive prices, (80% cheaper then brand-name companies ) strict control quality  and performance and full customer support including manuals, relevant publications, FAQ and technical support. We  guarantee absence of  virulent and pathogenic material in DNA elute, unique feature, imposing new industrial standard.






We are offering a wide variety of

disposable laboratory


material, like tips, and 96-well plates, (sterile, RNase and DNase free ) and  about 30% cheaper then you are paying now.



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Genomic-Related  Kits

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